Jan 2021 Exploring paths for Sudoku variants with Python

One of my college friends has an interest in Sudoku variants. Generally, that manifests in the two of us solving puzzles curated by Cracking the Cryptic, but occasionally it ends up with me trying to solve a puzzle he’s created. A while back, he and I were chatting about one of his ideas for the basis of a puzzle. It’s based around a snake in the grid (for an example of another puzzle using a snake, check out this puzzle by CtC). His puzzle requires that its snake alternates successive even digits and odd digits, is unambiguous, and visits at least one cell in every box (as well as, of course, being a valid sudoku puzzle!).

Dec 2020 PinePhone software from the ground up, part 2

A few weeks ago, I compiled and installed a Linux kernel and a bit of other software to run on the PinePhone. Today, let’s look at some next steps.

Nov 2020 Phone a Month 4?: Setting up PinePhone software from the ground up

I never actually ran anything new on my phone this month. Instead, I’ve been tinkering with the PinePhone. Instead of the usual update post, here’s some info on how to install and boot the most basic possible Linux installation for the PinePhone.

Nov 2020 Piano Heatmap Analysis (Part 3)

A third post in a series (part 1, part 2) on exploring what keys of a piano I use the most.

Oct 2020 Smartwatches

I’ve owned two smartwatches, across 3 OS’s. They’re all terrible. Here’s why.

Oct 2020 A phone a month for a year: September: Custom LineageOS 16.0/MicroG

Here’s another post about the open-source phone exploration I started in July. Last month, I ran an unofficial LineageOS/microG build (containing no Google apps) to pretty good results.

Oct 2020 (meta-)*tic-tac-toe

Tic-tac-toe in tic-tac-toe in tic-tac-toe…how deep can we go?

Sep 2020 A phone a month for a year: August: Several false starts

I’m continuing my open-source phone exploration I started last month. This month’s updates are both a bit late and a bit light, with quite a few false starts and dead ends.

Jul 2020 A phone a month for a year: Intro; Moto G7/Stock Android

Right off the bat, I’ll concede: I’m not buying 12 new pieces of phone hardware for this. However, “Trying a new phone or a new OS on a phone I already have every month for a year” seemed a bit wordy!

I <3 open source, so I enjoy trying new software that increases my freedom. I also have some philosophical issues with how Google treats its users, particularly in ways it seems to abuse its dominant market share to force its apps, ads, and limitations on users. This has led me to back away from Google’s vision of Android, and to try to find a compromise between privacy and utility that best meets my needs.

Jul 2020 Piano Heatmap Analysis (Part 2)

A long time ago, I hacked together a not-quite-working attempt at tracking played keys on a piano. Today, I took another shot at what that attempt might look like with a few more years’ experience in play.