Ages of Minnesota Wild Players

Published April 24, 2022 on Chandler Swift's Blog Source

Tonight the Minnesota Wild won their game against the Nashville Predators, in a nailbiting finish—we (specifically Dmitry Kulikov, age 31) scored our final goal to end 5-4 with 1.3 seconds left of overtime.

It’s always amazing to me as I get older that a large component of professional sports players are younger than I am. (Though hockey players are somewhat older than I’d imagined: Both goalies are in their mid to late thirties, and the median player is still a few years older than I am.)

The NHL has pretty good information available about their games, so I poked around a bit. (Here’s the (extensive!) data for tonight’s game.)

import requests, datetime

def age(born):
    today =
    return today.year - born.year - ((today.month, < (born.month,

roster = requests.get("").json()['roster']

# Retrieve full data on each player
players = []
for player in roster:
players.sort(key=lambda p: p['birthDate'], reverse=True)

# Display table by age
print("| Name | Position | DOB | Age |\n|-|-|-|-|") 
for p in players:
    born =['birthDate'])
    print(f"| [{p['fullName']}]({p['id']}) | {p['primaryPosition']['name']} | {p['birthDate']} | {age(born)} |")

# Find average player age
average_dob =[datetime.datetime.combine(['birthDate']), datetime.time()).timestamp() for p in players])/len(players))
print(f"Average age: {age(average_dob)}")

# Count players by age
min_age = age([0]['birthDate']))
max_age = age([-1]['birthDate']))
players_by_age = {}
for a in range(min_age, max_age+1):
    players_by_age[a] = []
for p in players:
for age, players in players_by_age.items():
    print(f"{len(players)} players {age} years old")

2021-2022 Minnesota Wild players by age:

The average player is 29 years and one month old; the median player is 28.

Name Position DOB Age1
Matt Boldy Left Wing 2001-04-05 21
Connor Dewar Center 1999-06-26 22
Tyson Jost Center 1998-03-14 24
Brandon Duhaime Right Wing 1997-05-22 24
Kirill Kaprizov Left Wing 1997-04-26 24
Jordan Greenway Left Wing 1997-02-16 25
Joel Eriksson Ek Center 1997-01-29 25
Kevin Fiala Left Wing 1996-07-22 25
Jacob Middleton Defenseman 1996-01-02 26
Ryan Hartman Right Wing 1994-09-20 27
Matt Dumba Defenseman 1994-07-25 27
Jonas Brodin Defenseman 1993-07-12 28
Frederick Gaudreau Center 1993-05-01 28
Joseph Cramarossa Center 1992-10-26 29
Nick Bjugstad Center 1992-07-17 29
Jon Merrill Defenseman 1992-02-03 30
Marcus Foligno Left Wing 1991-08-10 30
Nicolas Deslauriers Left Wing 1991-02-22 31
Dmitry Kulikov Defenseman 1990-10-29 31
Jared Spurgeon Defenseman 1989-11-29 32
Mats Zuccarello Right Wing 1987-09-01 34
Jordie Benn Defenseman 1987-07-26 34
Cam Talbot Goalie 1987-07-05 34
Alex Goligoski Defenseman 1985-07-30 36
Marc-Andre Fleury Goalie 1984-11-28 37

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