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First and foremost, I'm a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth studying Computer Science and a little music. I enjoy working with computers, especially in relation to Linux (currently running Debian, with a history of Ubuntu and occasionally playing with minimalist tiling window managers) administration and web development (full-stack).

Regarding music, I am the regular organist/pianist and accompanist at Pilgrim UCC, Duluth, MN, and an accompanist for the Lake Superior Youth Chorus. I am one of the hosting trio for Jazz at Blush on Monday nights (and if you play an instrument, please come join us!). I especially enjoy playing in small ensembles and with other people as much as I can.

Outside of school, I like to remain active with my Boy Scout troop (of which I am an Eagle Scout), especially on outdoor activities. I like reading science fiction, though I don't have as much time for it as I might like. I appreciate XKCD comics, especially those about technology.

Latest Projects

Grand Piano

Piano Heatmap (An Experimental Work in Progress)

Curious which of your piano keys is most used? So was I. Meet my piano heatmap for MIDI-enabled keyboards. More information on this blog post.

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Projects for my FIRST Robotics team

TimeClock Open Source

Tracks work hours on FRC teams via a beautiful and easy-to-navigate web interface, and allows coaches veto rights to keep hours honest.

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MeetStatusScreen Open Source

This web application provided a convenient way to track FRC competition data. It displays a countdown until the next event, and who partners and opponents are on that event. It displays alliance color, time, and current weather conditions.

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Robotics Website

Work Experience (Résumé)

Web Developer – Bravo Reporting (Spring 2015 – Present)

I worked with PHP and the Laravel framework to build a web application that does progress reporting with action item tracking on large projects. I also used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an immersive front-end application. I worked to bring legacy code up to date with modern standards, and created documentation and unit tests for the application.

Technology Intern – GSL Schools (2013 – 2015)

My primary role was to support the district's large user base across several schools, including hardware repair and software instruction. I also performed software installations (both automated and customized), and installed and configured hardware in labs throughout the district.